H2uP Tahoe
H2uP is a concierge I.V. hydration and wellness clinic that delivers highly effective treatments to the comfort of your vacation rental or hotel room.

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Get Up and Go - $200
Get 1 liter of fluid with essential electrolytes. This intervention alone gets people feeling 60% better.
Extras: Add a B12 shot for an extra $30
Rally - $280
Does your hangover come with a killer headache, upset stomach, or nausea? This package includes 1 liter of fluid and your choice of 3 medications tailored to your symptoms.
No Judgment - $360
The ultimate in hangover resuscitation. We’ll give you 1 or 2 liters of fluids packed with electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and any of the medications we offer to treat your worst hangover symptoms.


B12 Shot - $180
If you just want a burst of energy without the full IV treatment, this is for you.
Energize - $300
Get a hydration treatment with a boost of Vitamins B and C to combat fatigue. Good for jet lag.
Glow - $360
Hydrated skin looks healthy and young. Get IV hydration with electrolytes, and powerful anti-oxidants vitamin C and glutathione to help with cellular regeneration and get rid of free radicals.
Revitalize - $400
Get the most antioxidant power that we can offer. Energy boosting, detoxifying, free radical scavenging, this treatment will help your skin and your energy levels.


Get Moving - $200
Can be used as a pre-race boost or post-race recovery. Get 1 liter of fluids and electrolytes to get hydrated up.
Extras: Add magnesium or B12 for an extra $30 each
Recoup - $300
Just had the race of your life? This package will get you up off the ground. 1 or 2 liters of fluids, magnesium to get rid of the muscles cramps, B12 for energy, and even some toradol—an anti-inflammatory medication to help with your muscle and joint soreness.
Directions South Lake Tahoe, CA